Results 2017

Electronic Timing - Results 

The electronic timing of all Road Races of the nafplio Castle Run Organization (unless the 3 km & 1.5 km Road Race) as well as the publication of the results has taken official timing company. For this reason all participants (Castle run and 10km Road Race runners), Should bear the timing chip (Bib Tag Timing System - My Laps), which will receive along with their bib number from the Registration Center.

The unofficial results will be announced in internet after the end of all Races. Any objections can be submitted within five (5) calendar days from the publication day, of unofficial results on the official website of the Nafplio Castle Run.

The official results announced within ten (10) working days from the date of expiry of objections.

If an athlete is cancelled in a road race event due to a violation of an Article of the Regulation in force, then the participant would not be classified in the official results, the participant's results are only mentioned along with a note of the violation of the Article (Article 145.1)

Participants in the Race of  3 km and 1,5km will be writed alphabetically and get their electronic diploma as all participants of Nafplio Castle Run Organization. 

We wish Good Luck !


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